Wood City

Wood City selects most safe, thoughtful and high-quality toys and furniture for children. Toys ought to be simple, safe, and at the same time accompany the child's growth. We respect kids' nature and try to promote kids' development through playing.

Our Story

WoodCity was founded in 2019. Starting from the wooden toys, WoodCity turns its position to all must-haves for kids.

As a mother of three lovely kids, the founder of WoodCity cares much about what the toys and furniture that stay a long time with children are like. The safety of the material and construction count a lot. To guard the healthy growth of kids, WoodCity insists on pure materials and high-standard processes.

In the future, WoodCity will communicate and co-create with our users to work together to develop supplies and toys that are more conducive to children's growth.

We believe in

Pure-made Quality

We have our own branded factory. We select the purest materials and adopt the most stringent process standards to create the most secure and reliable toy partners for kids.

Kids-oriented Design

We design wooden toys and supplies for specific phases of growth from the child's developmental needs.

Co-created with Users

We do what the user wants. We will be looking forward to communicating with our users and creating better products together.

We Respect Kid's Nature

A child's growth should follow its natural course. The market these days is flooded with a dazzling variety of toys. Are you feel confused when you need to select an appropriate toy for your child? That's why the founder created the brand in the first place. The primary purpose of toys is to respect the child's natural instincts. Wood City insists on being a must-have for all children but not that much. It all starts from simple. Toys ought to be simple, safe, and at the same time accompany the child's growth.

We Keep High-quality produce

We have our brand-owned factory, which enables direct supervision and management to ensure quality assurance of our products. We have years of experience in the process and are able to control cost and quality well enough to produce a cost effective product. Our plant adheres to the principle of sustainable development and uses clean energy throughout the plant, including wind power and hydroelectric power.