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What you need to know before you buy a learning tower?

What you need to know before you buy a learning tower?


The whole point of using a Montessori tower is to allow your child to observe everything you do and to learn to do it himself. However, you also need to think about his safety.

  • Use a good quality learning tower that is stable and strong enough to support your baby's weight.
  • Be sure to keep dangerous objects such as knives and forks away from your child when teaching him how to cook, for example.
  • Keep your child away from hot plates and boiling water to avoid burns.
  • Be sure to check that the tower safety is closed when your baby is on it.
  • Teach your child how to use it so that he or she can use it safely. Teach your child how to get on and off without falling. If your child is old enough to do so, teach him to close the safety bar properly. However, despite this, don't neglect supervision.


The different types of tower

In general, Montessori learning towers are made of natural wood. However, there are currently learning towers on the market that are made of plastic or plywood. Plastic learning towers are becoming very rare on the market, as they are not very recommended. Indeed, plastic is not a very resistant material and could collapse under the weight of a child.

The models

We can also find different models of Montessori learning tower. The manufacturers are more and more inventive and create very sophisticated designs. Some even have designs (stars, sun, half moon, etc.) engraved on them or inlaid in the wood. Some models are simple with just a height adjustment option. Others are foldable and evolving, these can be transformed into chairs, small desks, or even a small slide.

The colors

You can also choose between several colors. You can buy a pink tower if you have a little girl and a blue one if you have a boy. Of course, you can also choose neutral colors like black or white so that all your future children can use them, regardless of their gender. Wooden colors are also very elegant and will match well with your interior furniture.

Market prices

The price of a Montessori learning tower varies greatly. It depends on the type of model, the material with which it was made, and also on its quality.

A simple and classic tower can cost between 80 $ and 100 $.

The more sophisticated towers cost between 150 $ and 180 $.

The transformable evolving models can be sold between 150 $ and 200 $.

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