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What Are the Advantages of Having a Learning Tower?

What Are the Advantages of Having a Learning Tower?

A tower can bring many benefits for both the child and the parents.

Advantages for the child:

  • With a Montessori learning tower, a child can develop motor skills and agility by climbing up and down the steps. After a while, he will even learn to secure himself, i.e. he will know how to avoid gestures and postures that could make him fall.
  • He can learn to manage on his own and become more and more independent. If the tower is light enough for him to push, he will be able to move it as he pleases. He can go to the bathroom and brush his teeth by himself, for example.
  • When a baby is in an learning tower, he has much more freedom of movement and becomes more independent.
  • Thanks to the protective bars, the child feels more serene and gains more self-confidence. This is very important for the child to be able to fully experience the experience.
  • The learning tower allows the child to get closer to mom and dad and thus encourages dialogue. This helps the child to learn to speak.
  • When the baby is involved in household chores, he or she is also empowered and does not feel excluded from family life.


Benefits for parents:

The use of a tower is beneficial not only to the child, but also to the parents.  

  • Having an independent baby reduces the workload of mom and dad, which is especially convenient in large families.
  • Unlike a classic stool, the tower has railings that ensure the safety of the child. This allows parents to be more reassured.
  • By introducing the child to household chores as a toddler, he or she will be better able to do them when he or she reaches the age where he or she will have to participate fully in the activities of the house.
  • The learning tower also allows mom and dad to bond with their child by sharing good times together.

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