7 essential safety tips before buying a toy

7 essential safety tips before buying a toy

Check that the toy complies with CPC certification: this means that the manufacturer certifies that the toy is designed and manufactured to meet basic safety requirements.

Read all the warnings on the packaging carefully, so you can buy a toy suitable for your child's age. Above all, take note of the warning (in the form of a logo or written warning) indicating that the toy is not suitable for a child under 36 months.

For young children, opt for simple mechanisms: in particular, avoid toys with folding mechanisms (risk of pinching or cutting).

Be careful with toys that contain batteries or a transformer for electrical connection: if possible, check the safety of the casing and the accessibility of the batteries. In the case of toys, batteries should not be easily accessible.

Choose colored plastics rather than paint (which can flake).

Don't hesitate to handle the toy if possible.

Beware of certain products that are attractive to young children, but which are not toys and should not be placed in their hands: decorative or folk dolls known as "collectibles", party decorations, scale models for adult collectors, puzzles with more than 500 pieces, collectible figurines, etc.

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