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Balance Board

Balance boards for kids are Montessori toys designed for children's creative play and exploration. They allow children to learn balance and movement, helping them to improve their posture and develop core strength.
This exploration will help children develop better proprioception.

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Step Stool

A step stool helps toddlers to climb up to reach the bathroom sink, kitchen counter, and bookshelf.
They can brush teeth, get onto the potty, wash hands and take items on their own. Perfect kids training helper & learning tower!

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Kitchen Learning Tower

A learning tower is a large platform that raises your toddler to about counter-height. The learning tower has a single step for your toddler to climb up and is enclosed on three sides for added safety. 
This allows toddlers to be part of the action when you are cooking dinner, cleaning up, or are otherwise busy in the kitchen—and they love that!

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Maria L.

Grandkids loved it!

First of all, it comes in a black, sturdy box with some red writing on it, ready to wrap if needed. Second, it’s ready to use right out of the box…nothing to put together. Third, it is FUN!! Our grandchildren (5, 4, 20 mos) LOVED it. Great toy.

Jennifer C.

Cute toy for baby.

Given as a gift for my 9 month old. He likes watching the cars go down and is slowly starting to get where to put the cars so he can play.

Joshua A.

Good packaging, fast ship, seem sturdy

A little smaller then I expected but not too bad. Overall they seem good qaulity. They are a gift so I just opened to look at and they looked good through the packaging. If I get another set it will be from here!

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